Program #2

Program Description

Accompany and support the employee in their new role

Accompanying and supporting a new staff member in a company is the key brick in building a solid foundation that will only bring benefits. From employee to associate, from manager to director…. Each role has its own importance in a corporate structure, and a successful placement is itself a pillar for its success

Program Objective

Accompany and support the employee in the new role

  1. Systemic needs analysis to perform the activities of each role in the group
  2. Scientifically identify employee needs
  3. Become aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each service member
  4. Determine individual needs that can be leveraged to refine member collaboration and effectively carry out the service mission
  5. Bring back synergy and harmony within the service in order to optimize and make efficient collaboration between employees

Expected Results

  • Harmony and collaboration within the service is created
  • The service becomes efficient and achieves the objectives set by the company
  • The company benefits from the performance of the service

Hiring a new employee/collaborator


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