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I help create the future everyone deserves so that they can live free to be themselves

I am Enea Petraglio and I bring with me a professional life experience of more than 20 at in a large company in the public sector, where I held various positions, such as sales service manager, project manager and trainer of apprentices.

Later, I decided to focus in training specifically in life coaching, business coaching and hypnosis because I believe in the art of transformation. I have decided to live every moment in the freedom to be myself with my uniqueness, in harmony with those around me and in tune with the world that welcomes me.

I enriched this path through the energy of Reiki, a Japanese therapeutic method applied to create a state of balance in the “mind-body” system, thanks to the energy of the Universe.

With many hours of coaching practice behind them, the people I mentored had the opportunity to get to know each other, understand their behaviors, love each other, and move beyond that. As a result, these individuals were able to bring out their natural talents and the resources they needed to quickly achieve their goals and live their daily lives with the freedom to be themselves.

Thanks to the energy of Reiki, the people who have turned to me have been able to find the inner serenity they needed to feel calmer in their hearts and ease their pain.

My Services

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Define the candidate's suitability for the mission of the new role.


Accompany and support the employee in the new role.


Analysis and intervention in a context of distress.

Life Coaching

Identify the resources needed to achieve the predetermined goal


Universal Life Energy: A Natural Healing Method

Painting workshops

Communicating with abstract painting

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