Program #1

Program Description

Hiring a new employee

The search and selection of personnel is one of the most delicate processes in the life of a company. When a firm considers the option of adding new human resources with certain characteristics, it is because these are lacking or – if already present – need to be strengthened.

Defining precisely what features you are looking for is the first step.

Program Objective

Define the candidate's suitability for the mission in the predefined role

  1. Determine the ‘key’ needs of the role
  2. Which candidate is suitable for the predefined role
  3. Through the scientific rationale, determine if the candidate has the prescribed requirements to perform the activities of the future role
  4. Identify the candidate’s needs so that they can best fulfill the mission of the future role
  5. Design the candidate’s growth process in the company

Expected Results

  • The employee is mission eligible in their assigned role
  • The collaborator does not create difficulties
  • The company can identify how the employee will behave in certain circumstances

Hiring a new employee/collaborator

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